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HSL can manage all essential maintenance jobs for horticulture, from new glasshouse doors and runners to glazing rubber, pulleys, glass cleaning and cost-effective shade application.

We provide and fit timber doors for commercial glasshouses that can be produced to meet a range of different sizes. Doors are available in both half and full glazed options along with framework if required. HSL can also fit galvanised door runners for the smooth opening and closing of existing timber glasshouse doors.

Another popular service we provide is commercial glasshouse cleaning, along with shade application for both commercial glasshouses and garden centres. Application can vary depending on the level of shade required - please get in touch with the team to discuss your exact requirements no matter how small the job.

Alongside essential greasing to the racks of ventilation systems for optimal working performance, HSL also offers a gutter cleaning service - annual maintenance contracts can be tailored to fit your requirements. Call or email to find out more.


HSL can be called upon for most maintenance essentials, including:



HSL provides 2” single and double swivel pulleys for ventilation and screening systems, available with nylon or brass wheels.



HSL can source glazing rubber with various types available for all manner of applications.



HSL provides No.2 & No.3 wire strainers for use in both irrigation and screening systems.



We can source screen clips for fixing screens to leading edge, and screen pegs for fixing to wire etc - also, triple set for connection to supporting and top wire.


Call or email the HSL team today for any maintenance task, no matter how small:


+44 01482 665449

HSL has its own in-house electrical expertise with design and emergency breakdown services.

We provide electrical solutions for the horticultural sector alongside our industry-leading partner, and together we focus on providing competitive electrical solutions across the UK.

There is always an emphasis on energy efficient technology within horticulture and our fully accredited Safe Contractor and NICEIC approved electricians enable us to deliver electrical projects of the highest standard.

We advise and work with our clients to deliver an electrical installation to be proud of. The work consists of full glasshouse installations, EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Reports), general maintenance or breakdowns.

Crucially, we understand control systems, with years of knowledge in this secotr, and can advise regarding grow lighting whether it be HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) - we will always have a cost-effective solution for you.

The horticultural lighting sector is seeing a transformation with new tailored LED light recipes. Specific light spectrums can be developed for all crop types to ensure that the energy invested in the technology will be converted efficiently into light which your crop recognises combined with potential large energy savings.

Complementing our electrical installation service, we design and build control panels to your specific requirements that will interface with your control system.

HSL offers a number of quality products from world renowned hardware specialist De Gier:



The great strength and low speed make it possible to set the driven system in the optimal way, at low cost.


Motor Gearboxes available in 1ph and 3ph

Linear Limit Switches as standard; Low noise level; Low maintenance; Compact design

Straightforward installation



Each building design is unique and the same applies to the ventilation system used in the Glasshouse. De Gier Drive Systems allow for a very accurate and energy efficient climate control. Whether it involves a ventilation system mounted between the gutters, on the trusses or mounted against the posts then HSL, in partnership with De Gier, have the solution.



Screen systems are used for both light/heat reduction and energy saving. Horizontal and tent screen systems are mostly driven by push/pull rack or wire systems. In a push/pull rack system the screen material is driven by a motor gearbox via racks. In the wire system the screen material is driven by a motor gearbox via pull wires that are wound onto a tube.



Several types of rack and pinion are available to suit higher or lower duties. Rack systems are available straight or curved.

Apart from standard rack lengths racks can be produced at any length required.



Ventilation is vital, supplying fresh air to your poultry livestock and regulating temperature, humidity and air contamination. Natural ventilation works by the cooler air entering the building at low level either through pop-holes or inlets and escaping through a central open ridge in the shed roof. This type of ventilation is mainly used in free range houses where the pop hole door is driven by a rack and pinion system powered by a motor gearbox. Panels in panel ventilation systems are driven by rack and pinions which are powered by a motor gearbox. Ridder and Lock Motor Gearboxes are also available.