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Providing solutions for design, engineering and project management of horticultural technology construction has been a part of our core business for many years.

Entrepreneurs in horticulture, from all manner of sectors - production growers, institutional investors, from botanical gardens to garden centres, can all benefit from our expertise across the entire horticultural spectrum.

HSL can advise on site layout, logistics, greenhouse construction, heating, water techniques, electrical, shade and energy screening, CO2 dosage, automation and control computers and more besides.

HSL's team of professional designers have been operating in the horticultural industry for more than 35 years, developing concepts, solving problems and seeing projects through in both the UK and international markets.

Recent work has seen HSL contracted by a leading UK glasshouse company to provide assistance and solutions, while we have also been consulted to work on projects across the UK, Qatar, Oman and Indonesia.

New nursery and farm concept design, planning for multinational public quoted companies is also within the HSL repertoire.

Tailoring a structure or system to each of our clients' unique needs is where HSL shines.

For example, a new client needed a bespoke software control system which was not available as an off-the-shelf package. HSL worked closely with our software developer and as a result, this tailored software package will soon become available as a standalone program for all growers to use.


+44 01482 665449