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Greenhouse irrigation systems from a UK provider of quality horticultural equipment.

HSL has the experience and know-how to help install and improve glasshouse irrigation systems, no matter what the size or application. Catering for all types of growing situations, we can provide support and parts, while coordinating design and installation for the following areas: Overhead Irrigation Systems, Drip Irrigation Systems, Boom Irrigation Systems, Fogging and Misting Systems & Automatic Filtration Systems.


PVC PIPE & FITTINGS: HSL stocks a vast range of PVC Pipe and PVC fittings available in both metric and imperial sizes. Metric PVC pressure pipes are available in diameters ranging from 12 mm to 160 mm and with pressure ratings ranging from 7.5 to 16 bar (PN). Imperial sizes range from ¾” to 4”.


BLACK PE PIPE: Black Polyethylene Pipe available in diameters ranging from 5mm to 32mm. Various coil sizes available.


MDPE PIPE: We have a large range of Blue MDPE Pipe and compression fittings. Blue MDPE pipes are available in diameters ranging from 20mm to 63mm, coil sizes: 25mtr, 50mtr and 100mtr.


DRIP IRRIGATION: Drip irrigation pipework in 20mm and 25mm diameters, complete with pressure compensated drippers, leads, stakes and spacings tailored to your specific requirements. HSL can also source porous pipe (16mm standard) and T-Tape.


VALVES: We stock a considerable range of PVC & metal valves which include PVC single and double union ball valves, solenoid valves, metal ball valves, brass gate valves and check valves.


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ALLMIX: Compact, accurate device that controls fertilizer

dosing and pH of irrigation water. Employs a unique circular multi-venturi injection system. High quality, heavy duty stainless steel components.


CDN: Fertigation system using three way valves and mixing tank. Can adjust dosage into each tank, adapting to environmental parameters - perfect for the simplest to most demanding of plants.


ECONOMIX: Simplest INTA product in its range but with functionality to match more expensive models. Maximum capacity in valve and fertilizer control as well as the full range of irrigation activation modes and the ability to connect any device to control irrigation and fertilization.


SYSCLIMA: Manage and control your greenhouse remotely via internet connection. Phone, tablet or PC.


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SPRINKLERS: We provide a large range of sprinklers which include Rotoframe, part circle, field and a range of NAANDAN sprinklers, sprayers and foggers.


TRICOFLEX HOSE: Tricoflex hose in a range of sizes ranging from ½” to 2” diameters (12.5mm to 50mm); Coil sizes: 25mtr, 50mtr and 100mtr; TRICOFLEX has a working pressure of 10 bar (1/2” 5/8” ¾”), 8 bar (1” to 2”), working temperature -15°c to 60°c.


WATER STORAGE: We can supply galvanised water storage tanks constructed to hold significant volumes of water. Sizes ranging from 9m³ to 200,000 m³ with many alternatives inbetween. PVC and EPDM liners, permeable, steel and anti-algae covers available. All tanks WRAS approved.


IRRIGATION CONTROLLERS: HSL installs irrigation control from easy to use Galconettes to more complex controllers capable of controlling many valves.


GEKA COUPLINGS, HOSE ADAPTORS AND BARBED FITTINGS: HSL can provide the original Geka Quick Coupling range, from hose couplings to end plugs; A large range of plastic hose adaptors and barbed fittings including connectors, elbows and tees.


HSL also offers the very latest automated solutions for mist propagation, with a wide selection of equipment for all manner of growing applications. All HSL’s high pressure

fog (misting) systems come with a quality guarantee, offering high performance, and

low maintenance, for years to come. Contact HSL today to find out more:



+44 01482 665449